Scatter sync technology

Scatter uses distributed data storage and peer-to-peer syncing technology to sync data between devices, or to "scatter data aross devices".

Distributed data storage

Scatter stores data directly on your devices. Photos, videos, hyperlinks, text-snippets or any other files are captured automatically in several configurable ways while using your devices. Due to the distributed data storage concept you naturally enjoy excellent offline access when on the go with poor internet connection. Changes which are done while devices are offline are synced once the devices are reconnected.

Peer-to-peer sync

To sync data you only have to sign into Scatter with your choosen user name and password on your desired devices. Each device running Scatter can sync with any other device, once they are connected using the same credentials. Scatter syncs data directly between devices and syncs data directly over a local Wifi connection if possible. Data does not have to be (slowly) uploaded to an online storage and downloaded again to achieve syncing.

Secure data transfer

Scatter stores data only on your selected devices and uses encrypted connections between devices to sync the data. So you keep full control where your data is stored and who has access to it. Scatter uses established cryptographics practices, passwords are hashed and salted and never stored anywhere in plain text.

Native clients for several platforms

We currently have native clients for Android, Windows and iOS (forthcoming). You can use Scatter to sync any combination of devices, for example your tablet(s) with your phone(s), your phone(s) with your PC(s), or your PCs with each other.