Install Scatter

Download and install Sactter clients on your Android, Windows and iOS devices that you want to sync.

Sign up/in

To sync data between devices running Scatter, all you need to do is sign in with the same email and password on all devices. Once you run Scatter it will ask you to sign up/in. If you have never signed in before you must first sign up to create a new account. To do so, enter your email that you want to bind the account to and choose a password. Once the account is created you can sign into this account on other devices using the same email and password.

Add data

Data will be added automatically from various sources: For example, if you copy something to the clipboard, if you take a photo or if you download some file. The auto-add behavior can be turned on/off in the settings. You can also add data manually. On Windows use drag∧drop to add files. On Android use the "Add" menu entry to add a text note or select files to add.

Organize data

Scatter uses labels for folders, data-type, data-source, priority, etc to organize data. Data which is added automatically will appear in the "Inbox". If you delete something it is moved to "Trash". Data in "Inbox" and "Trash" will be deleted after a configurable time (One day for the Inbox, one week for the Trash by default) to keep it from wasting precious storage space. If you want to keep data for longer use labels to organize it. By default there is an "Archive" folder to save data. You can also define your own folders to organize data.

Sync data

Data will be synced on all connected devices and you will see the same items on all devices. If you change labels of an item on any device the labels will change on the other devices as well. Changes that are done offline (while the devices are not connected) are synced once the devices are reconnected. In order to save storage space and bandwidth Scatter allows you to remove items from one device, but keep it on other devices. Such "unloaded" items have a small up/down arrow icon next to them. They can be downloaded from a connected device with a simple touch or click. By default files larger than 10KB (configurable) are not synced over a Mobile Internet connection. Additionally, files larger than 10MB are not downloaded automatically by default on mobile devices. Also there is a configurable overall data limit of 5GB on mobile devices: if there is more data, old data items are deleted on the device.